The Education Sector in Africa has been among the fastest in appreciating and using ICT. It therefore came as no surprise when we chose to take on development of software for managing Educational Institutions as we started out. Our twin softwares of Magezi Harvest and Magezi Finpro have since 2006 scooped awards in the field of ICT use in Education Management throughout the region. What follows is a brief description of each of the solutions we have for educational institutions;

Magezi Harvest

Magezi Harvest was our flagship product developed between 2006 and 2007. It is a web-based School Academic Records Information System. This is a product that has been deployed in over 20 schools in East Africa. The system has been designed to allow all the stakeholders in the academics function of the institution to play their role without interfering with others. Magezi Harvest has a number of features, but the salient ones are;
•    Students Record Management [Generate class lists]
•    Capture of student marks/teacher comments in Continuous Assessment Tests and Terminal Examinations
•    Flexible Grading System controlled by the school’s Management
•    Generation of student transcripts/reports for Continuous Assessment [BOT, MT, EOT] and Terminal Performance.
•    Generation of mark-sheets and  statistical analysis of student performance in school Examination
•    Idiot proof security and user tracking that ensures zero interference amongst staff members.

Magezi Finpro

Magezi Finpro is a fully fledged finance and accounting solution for the modern school. Magezi Finpro is tailored to suit the needs of the purchasing institution. Its salient features include;
•    Generate a personal ledger and journal statement for each student in the school
•    Record school fees payments, other incomes and expenses as and when they occur.
•    Generate fees defaulters per class/stream at any point of the year.
•    Generate cashbook, trial balance, balance sheet for the whole school at the touch of a button for any period of your choice.
•    Carry out bank reconciliation for any of the accounts of the school.
•    Capture other incomes and expenses of the school
•    Budget Performance monitoring
•    Import EFT Data from spreadsheets supplied by the bank.
•    Other modules added on request by purchasing institution.


Bulk SMS

With any of the systems above, we can integrate a bulk messaging platform to allow the institution reach out to the Parents and other stakeholders using short message service (sms). The integration is carried out at no additional cost. The purchasing institution is only expected to buy sms credit for its use.