Media companies, Events Managers and Public Relations Experts have found us indispensable in providing them solutions that allow them function seamlessly. With our advanced bulk messaging platforms, we allow them to offer the bulk sms option to their clients.

We also have The Magezi S&R solutions, which we have deployed at the leading media group in Uganda -The New Vision among others. Below are excerpts of what the systems can do;

Magezi S&R

Magezi S&R is a mobile content provision system that is developed for Mobile Value Added Service Providers. S&R provides the following;
•    Keyword Management module for keyword based campaigns
•    Bulk Messaging or sms broadcasts
•    Incoming and outgoing sms traffic Monitoring
•    Online phonebook management
•    Log generation for revenue reconciliation with Telecoms
•    User group Management
•    User tracking and logging

Magezi Relay (

Magezi Relay is a robust application built to leverage the power of Adobe Air Platform and text messaging. It is a mass messaging client application that a user installs on their computer and can use it to broadcast messages through the sms gateways at the Telecom or VAS operator or VAS aggregator.
Magezi Relay allows the Telecom, VAS operator or aggregator to do any of the following:
•    Provide the setup of the client application to the customer for use at their convenience.
•    Sell credits for message broadcast
•    Manage customer useraccounts online by way of a web management tool
•    Generate usage reports for each customer.