Magezi Harvest was our flagship product developed between 2006 and 2007. It is a Web App designed School Academic Records Information System. This is a product that has been deployed in over 20 schools in East Africa. The system has been designed to allow all the stakeholders in the academics function of the institution to play their role without interfering with others.

School System - Full Package From Finances to Student Reports

The Best School Management System of All Times

Magezi Harvest has a number of features, but the salient ones are;

  • Students Record Management [Generate class lists]
  • Capture of student marks/teacher comments in Continuous Assessment Tests and Termly Examinations
  • Flexible Grading System controlled by the school’s Management
  •  Generation of student transcripts/reports for Continuous Assessment [BOT, MT, EOT] and Termly Performance.
  • Generation of mark-sheets and  statistical analysis of student performance in school Examination
  • Idiot proof security and user tracking that ensures zero interference amongst staff members.
  • Use any type of assessment, the system gives the DOS power to add any assessment type eg. Holiday work, take home, End of Term, Mock and so on as they find fit.
  • SMS student records to the parents. The parents have liked the feature as it has addressed report forgeries.
  •  SMS broadcasts: Schools can now communicate with the parents via SMS. School-Parent Notifications have become easier eg. reminders of Visitation dates, school fees balances and so on.