Magezi Apex is a web based stock tracking and automated billing application. It comes in various forms suiting various business settings. Often developed with a point of sale component, Magezi Apex exhibits extra power and flexibility in tracking stock and sales trend analysis. Currently, Magezi Apex is in use by cell phone handset importers and sellers, store managers of schools, Telecom Airtime and accessory dealers and franchises and at Telecom Warehouses.

When purchased and deployed by a business, it is able to perform the following;

  • Maintain an up to date database of all stock in your business:- capturing all necessary attributes to distinguish amongst your stock and allow easy and powerful searches to be run in real time.
  •  Generate graphs showing sales trends for user-defined time periods or for particular customers or for particular items.
  •  Generate invoice and receipt at the point of sale.
  •  Automatically email reports to pre-configured email addresses.
  •  Export Reports to Excel spreadsheets and pdf.
  •  Optional financials module that seamlessly handles the accounting aspects of the business.
  •  Generate an audit trail of user activity on the system.