Magezi Relay™ is one of the releases of software products from Magezi Solutions Ltd. It was released in early 2009 with one major function, and this is to broadcast information as text messages to a given audience of mobile phone holders of any size.

It is a Bulk SMS DIY platform with quite good flexible options designed for our customers to enjoy a good broadcast experience. The Platform is found here
You can create an account today, it is FREE of charge. You simply buy credits of only what you need starting at as low as UGX20 per SMS credit.
On loging in go straight to create a file, its simpler to broadcast from files. You can have an unlimited number of files in your account.

Our clients over the years have ranged from individuals, resellers, events managers such as wedding planners to companies and organisations like schools and churches.
We have happily served our customers over the years and we are confidently proud of our delivery rate of over 95%.

Our SMS platform in numbers


and counting.

Delivery Rate

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How the service helps businesses.

Over the years our Magezi Relay product as a service has helped businesses reach their targeted audience for several reasons through text messages to their phones. Reasons have ranged from Customer relations, reminders to sales of company products.