It comes with variants for the nursery, primary, secondary and tertiary schools and institutions.

Our Flagship Product

First developed between 2006 and 2007. It has continually been enhanced to live up to the current technologies and the current school settings.

Web-based System

It is a web-based School Management System that can be run on a school Local Area Network or online

About the Design

The system has been designed to allow all the stakeholders in the Administrative, Academics and Finance sections of the school to play their role without interfering with others.

Finance & Accounting Module.

This module link registration, billing, student payments, giving, and other transactions seamlessly into the integrated General Ledger for real time data access for effective decision-making.

Admissions & Academics Module

Facilitates learning through managing your grade book, lesson plans, assignments, communications, and attendance records and generating student reports at every end of term in real time.

Magezi Harvest Products

It comes with variants for the nursery, primary, secondary and tertiary schools and institutions.

Primary Schools


Secondary Schools





More features with Admissions & Academics Module

The Admissions & Academics Module has a number of features, but the salient ones are;
Flexible Grading System controlled by the school’s Management
Generation of mark-sheets and statistical analysis of student performance in school Examination
Capture of student marks/teacher comments in Continuous Assessment Tests and Terminal Examinations
Students Record Management [Manage & Generate class lists]
Short Message Service (SMS) Broadcast of student Results to Parents’ Mobile Phones
Student Historical Performance Tracking and Analysis
Idiot proof security and user tracking that ensures zero interference amongst staff members.
Generation of student transcripts/reports for Continuous Assessment [Home Works, Holiday Package, Beginning of Term, Mid Term, End of Term etc] and Terminal Performance.